Learn The Real Reason Why Your Content Isn't Hitting, Your Lead Pool is Dry and You Can't Scale to $10K, $20K and $50K Months... 
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Get Access to the Industry Secrets That Have Helped Myself and Hundreds of Other Trainers Create and Scale a Sustainable Online Fitness Business... 
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- WHAT -

Online Trainer Virtual Summit

The #1 event for online trainers who want to scale their income, impact and network. 

- WHEN -

September 29th & 30th

Top heavy hitters of the industry will be streaming LIVE the last weekend of September. 


Join LIVE From Any Where In the World

This is a LIVE and interactive experience that you can watch on your phone, laptop or iPad. No plane tickets or travel accommodations required. 

During This 2-Day Event, You'll Learn The Insider Secrets To: 

  • Turning Your Social Media into a Money Making Machine with content strategies used to bring in over $15M in sales...  
  • ​Producing "PRO" Level Client Transformations with cutting-edge coaching strategies delivered from a 2016 WBFF World Champ...
  • ​Finally Scale to $10K, $15K and up to $100K a Month with income based level trainings to help you breakthrough your current plateau
  • ​Managing Your Business Finances Like the Top 4% so you can think, invest and act like a rich person...
  • ​Keeping Your Pipeline FULL, Month After Month, With Over 100 Inbound Leads who are amped to buy your programs... 

10X Your Income in TWO Days of Training TWO Days of Training 

Extract secrets from the heaviest hitters in the industry who have closed over $4M in sales from their coaching programs. You’re going to experience the energy of all our PT Dom Head Coaches and have the complete blueprint to scale your income to multiple 6-figure digits. 

Learn What’s Working on Social Media and What’s Not

Unlike other internet “gurus” we’re giving out the LATEST strategies to growing and building an online fitness business. You’ll walk away with actionable insight to help you breakthrough your bs and SCALE with confidence. 

Immerse Yourself With Leaders of The Industry 

Each speaker has generated over 7-figures in their online coaching business. 

Blink and You'll Miss Out....

Blink and You'll Miss Out....

Early Bird Tickets Are Available For a Limited Time!

Early Bird Tickets Are Disappearing In: 

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Challenges To Champions Itinerary

Friday September 29th 12pm - 4pm PST

12pm PST: How to Turn Your Instagram into a Money Making Machine with Brian Mark 

Brian Mark has generated over $15,000,000 using Instagram alone, and in this 60 minute talk you are going to learn exactly how he did it.

This training will include a comprehensive look at everything from profile picture, tagline, types of content, substance of content, the direct messages, booking calls, following up with people, warming up audience members, and turning interested people into paying clients.

You will learn the start-to-finish strategies to turn followers into $1,000 fitness clients.

15 Minute Q and A

1:30pm PST - How to Be a Good F**king Coach with Hattie Boydle

Hattie Boydle is a WBFF World Champion Fitness model and she’s successfully coached tens of thousands of clients to successful transformations. 

This training will cover the elements of being a successful coach - going beyond lifting weights and eating right, you are going to learn the psychology, the emotional blueprint, the mental game, and how to shift your clients identities’ to start to believe in themselves.

15 Minute Q and A

3:00pm PST - Interviewing Highly Profitable Online Fitness Coaches

This session will be an introduction to a few of the most successful students we’ve ever worked with. We will be interviewing them for you live on the Virtual Event so we can extract their secrets for growth on Social Media so that you can take them, utilize them for yourself immediately, and help you grow inside of your coaching business.

4:00pm PST - Wrap Up, Takeaways, and Breakthroughs

We will be giving you an opportunity to share your biggest takeaways and breakthroughs.

Saturday September 30th 12pm - 4pm PST

12:00pm PST - Battling Your Inner Demons so you Get Out of Your Own Way and Step into Your TRUE Power with Cole DaSilva

Cole will be teaching you how to face your inner demons so that you can finally get out of your own way and stop self-sabotaging and become the man or woman that you were supposed to become.

You will learn how to permanently remove self-sabotage and start embracing discipline and integrity to grow your money, grow your mindset and become more powerful than you can ever measure.

15 Minute Q and A

1:30pm Speeches Based on Income Levels 
We will have WORKSHEETS for these sessions and these WORKSHEETS will make them “problem aware” (Don’t put THIS in the schedule)

$0 - $5,000 / Month - How to Use Social Media to Utilize Your Voice and Grow a Following of Loyal Potential Clients and Buyers with Cole DaSilva
+ Invite to Academy and Invite to Renew (Don’t put THIS in the schedule)

Cole DaSilva will be teaching you how to utilize your own voice to speak on camera which will separate you from the rest of the industry who are doing “trendy bulls**t” videos and workout tutorials.

You will learn how to start attracting people using your own voice.

$5,000 - $15,000 / month - Becoming Unconditional in the Income Generating Activities so you can Consistently Make $15,000 / Month with Brian Mark 
+ Invite to 10k Mastermind and Invite to Pay in Full (Don’t put THIS in the schedule…)

Brian Mark will be teaching you the specific activities that cause you to generate income and the principles and identity that you must embody in order to become a coach who generates $100,000 - $200,000 each and every year.

You will learn exactly what you need to do to consistently make over $15,000 / month.

$15,000 - $100,000 / month - Improving Your Front End Marketing Funnel to Have Unlimited Leads and Sales Opportunities with Natasha Starcheski 
+ Invite to Apply for the Mastermind (Don’t put THIS in the schedule)

Natasha Starcheski will be teaching you how to dial in your messaging and your marketing system to consistently generate leads and sales opportunities and never run out of leads.

You will learn how to take your skills on content creation and create a system around them so you always have leads asking to join your coaching program.

15 Minute Q and A

3:00pm - 4pm PST - Q and A with Speakers from the Weekend

This is your opportunity to ask the speakers the burning questions that you’ve had throughout the Virtual Summit. All of the questions on the Virtual Summit will be answered, whether that be live or in the Chat Box, by all of the PT Domination Coaches who are attending the Virtual Summit.

This is your opportunity to get the clarity that you need to have the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

4:00pm PST - Wrap Up, Takeaways, and Final Invite

Here's What You'll Get When You Claim Your Seat Today:

  • 2 Full Days Access to the Virtual Event ($1994 Value) 
  • Personalized Training For Your Income Level ($997 Value)
  • ​Access to Virtual Summit Community ($497 Value)
  • ​Virtual Summit Workbook ($297 Value)
  • Access to 7-Figure Fitness Coaches (PRICELESS)

Total Value: $3,785

Normal Price: $497

Early bird special: $97

What Separates This Virtual Summit From Other Live Events? 

Next Level Opportunities 

Access to Our Network of Multiple 6 and 7 Figure Trainers of the Industry to Unlock New Opportunities of Growth

Cutting Edge Strategies 

The Most Relevant Strategies On Content, Marketing, Lead Generation, Fulfillment and Retention For Your Online Trainer Business 

Content Tailored to Your Income Level 

Specialized Trainings to Help You Scale Your Online Trainer Business Based on Your Current Revenue
Early Bird Registration Ends: 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Here's A Look at the Knowledge Bombs You'll Learn
Over These Two Days:



Quick Brief Overview of Day 1
  • Bullet Points of Benefits From the Content They Will Learn
Quick End Cap of Day 1



Quick Brief Overview of Day 2
  • Bullet Points of Benefits From the Content They Will Learn
Quick End Cap of Day 2



Quick Brief Overview of Day 3
  • Bullet Points of Benefits From the Content They Will Learn
Quick End Cap of Day 3

Day 1

  • How to turn your social media into a money making machine by extracting our secrets behind $15M in sales from Instagram 
  • ​The secret to training your clients for top tier results that bring in more business from a WBFF World Champ herself. 
  • Hear from trainers making $10K, $20K and $100K months so you can extract their secrets and scale your online trainer business 

Day 2

  • Face your inner demons, demolish imposter syndrome and step into your POWER (it's time to put your foot on the gas!) 
  • ​Never worry about running out of leads again with the complete strategy to increasing your inbound leads every single month
  • ​Scale your business to the next level with specific income based trainings personalized to meet you where you're currently at (and get you to where you want to be!) 




Learn From a WBFF World Champ to Produce 
"PRO" Level Client Transformations

You'll Also Walk Away With a CLEAR Understanding of How to Execute & Implement on the Following Topics: 


Dramatically Increase Your Income Each Month With Insider Secrets to Increasing Your Retention Rates by Over 75%


How to Go VIRAL on Social Media With Content That Generates Followers, Like and Leads

Lead Generation

An Actionable Approach to Get More Leads in Your Pipeline Without Posting More on Social Media


Easily Turn One Client into Multiple Clients With Our Tested Referral System


Dominating Sales Tactics to Close More Clients and Increase Your Income


Transforming a Low-Ticket Client into a High-Ticket Client With “No-Brainer” Program Upgrades


One Last Thing Before You Grab Your Ticket 

Cole and I were in the same spot as you not that long ago.

We swore we were going to have mansions, whip around in our dream cars and impact others on a massive scale... more importantly, we wanted to create massive impact just like you. 

Imagine waking up 45 days from now… 

Your calendar is lined up with coaching calls with multiple clients… 

The alarm clock goes off at 8:00am instead of 6:00 am because you don’t have to run your ass over to the gym.

You’re planning your vacation to the Bahamas with your homies… 

All because you decided to MEET your potential.

Click the button below to grab your early bird ticket and I'll see you in September.

Brian Mark
CEO of PT Domination

Have a Question? WE GOT YOU

 Is this an in-person event?
Once you grab a ticket to this event on this page, you’ll have virtual access to the event. You’ll get to watch all the speakers LIVE right from your laptop instead of traveling.
 What if something comes up? Can I refund my ticket?
This event is for online trainers (or transitioning PT’s) who are serious about scaling to multiple 6 and 7 figures. We’re bringing only the BEST content, straight to your face. Unfortunately, once you grab a ticket we can’t refund it.
 I’m just starting my business, will this event work for me?
We got you fam! This event is for any online trainer or PT trying to transition to online. Our speakers are going to give away actionable strategies to help you scale - no matter what stage you’re in!
 Where will the virtual event take place?
The virtual event will be held on a software called Obvio where you will get a special link to access your dashboard. We will send you the link via email so you can access the main stage, team support, the speakers, the community, and more! This is not your typical zoom meeting vibe.
 Do I need a certification to attend this event?
No! BUT… since we’re sharing high-level methods and strategies, we do ask that you are in the process of getting certified.